Ideal Savings wishes to ensure that your experience with our website is satisfactory, regardless of web interfaces or any physical impairment that visitors may have. Please contact us should you have any questions or issues regarding our website’s accessibility.


The following recommendations should be followed to ensure secure, trouble-free use of our website.

Please read our Internet Best Practices by clicking here. Our web pages will be displayed at their best if you follow our recommendations on this page. The general take-away here is to use as up-to-date hardware and software as possible. As technology surrounding Internet use continues to evolve, using the latest possible will maximize your online experience on all websites.
Tips for people with various impairments

Visual and audible impairments, language barriers, or even keyboard and/or mouse use problems can make online browsing challenging for some people. While Ideal Savings’ website has been created following guidelines from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (from W3C), customizing your device’s settings and understanding its accessibility options can greatly improve your online experience, should you need. The BBC in the UK has great information regarding this at

Some of the ways we achieve superior online accessibility include:

  • Building webpages in a way that allows you to disable the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) on your browsers or modify the text size using browser controls if the colours or fonts make content difficult to read.
  • Providing a ‘skip to content’ link at the top of all pages, allowing you to quickly access the body content on each page while avoiding headers and navigation.
  • Creating webpages that allow visually impaired users to navigate the site effectively with a screen reading aid. For example, images have text-based descriptions, title attributes tell users where a link will take them if they click on it, and structured headings provide an overview of the site that lets users jump quickly to desired sections.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble using our website. We are here to help!