guaranteed investment certificates (gic)

A GIC deposit is an investment banking product that has a guaranteed rate of return for a set, or fixed, amount of time. Simply put, our terms will offer a higher rate because funds are invested for a pre-determined amount of time.

rate of return is guaranteed

Rest easy, even if the market takes a dip. Your rate will remain the same for the length of your term and you can feel confident knowing your funds are 100% guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

rates are higher than average

We’re able to offer our account holders better rates because we don’t have to dish out the expenses it takes to operate a regular banking branch.

length of term can match your needs

Whether you’re saving for a winter vacation or for a down payment on a home, you can choose a term length that works for you. We currently offer fixed terms from one through five years.

GIC - Products | Ideal Savings Virtual Bank
  • more ideal points

    • 100% deposit guaranteed without limit

    • minimum deposit of $1,000

    • 14 day rate guarantee from date of application

    • non-redeemable prior to maturity date

    • upon maturity, all GICs will automatically be reinvested into a one year GIC unless otherwise instructed

  • our gic rates

    1 year2.86%
    2 years2.96%
    3 years3.11%
    4 years3.21%
    5 years3.36%