ideal savings

A high interest savings account we think is so ideal we’d recommend it to anyone. Please enjoy the features that this no maintenance fee account has to offer, and know that all your ideal savings are 100% deposit guaranteed.

high interest earned from your first dollar

There’s no minimum balance required to start earning with this account. Interest will be calculated on the closing daily balance and paid out at the end of each month.

peace of mind and 24/7 accessibility

You’re free to withdraw your funds without penalty at any time or pay your bills online. You can keep track of your funds through online banking.

no monthly maintenance fee

A smart choice for everyday saving, or a resourceful place to park funds you’re saving for the short term. Why? You’ll earn high interest while contemplating your next move.

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  • more ideal points

    • 100% deposit guaranteed

    • Three free Automatic Fund Transfers (AFT) per month

  • our ideal savings account rates

    ideal deposit2.76%